Student Uniforms

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Student Uniforms

Please ensure that your child is dressed in the school uniform and that they have their school bag, snacks and a healthy lunch.

Uniforms can be purchased at most uniform apparel stores:

Uniforms are seasonal items and quantities are limited.


Girls Uniform: dark blue pants (loose fitting and not showing the leg), dark blue tunic, white long sleeved shirt, white hijab, and comfy shoes (suitable for athletic sports).

Boys Uniform: dark blue pants (no sweat pants), long sleeved white button up shirt, and comfy shoes (suitable for athletic sports).

Policy Guidelines for Student Dress, Appearance and Grooming

  • Boys and girls are expected to wear long sleeved white dress shirts or white polo with navy blue or black dress pants.
  • Girls are expected to wear a navy tunic, white blouse, navy blue pants  and white hijab.
  • Boys’ hair should be neatly cut and trimmed. Dramatic hairstyles and/or hair colours are not permitted.
  • Nail polish and make-up cannot be worn by female students.
  • Body piercing and tattoos are not permitted.
  • Jewellery is unacceptable in school for either boys or girls.
  • Hoodies, ball caps, or fashion hats of any description cannot be worn in the school building at any time.
  • Track pants, legging and jeans are not allowed.