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Returning Students (Re-Registration)

Every year returning students must re-register at Surrey Muslim School.


Early re-registration helps us to make crucial planning decisions. Re-registration allows us to update our registry for the next academic year.


NOTE :A Late re-registration fee of $50.00 per family will be charged for parents of late registrants.

Avoid a late payment fee.


APPLICATIONS will only be processed with the full payment in cash, postdated cheques or certified cheques payable to the Surrey Muslim School.


VERIFICATION SHEETS that are attached contain important information which is used to update our students’ emergency contacts and other related matters.  Please fill in or correct any missing or inaccurate information, sign the sheet(s) and return to the office.


If you do not intend to re-register your child/children, please also fill in the students’ names below and check in the appropriate box.  All forms and verification sheet(s) must be returned to the school office regardless of whether you are re-registering your child.




Tuition and bus fee payment is required to re-enroll your child/ren in the school. School fees can be paid via two methods as stated below:



  1. The Tuition and Bus fee for the month of September is due at the time of re-registration. Parents are to provide nine (9) additional postdated cheques. These cheques are to be dated for either the 1st or the 20th of the month only and will be processed on those days. Cash payment will be required to replace NSF cheque(s).
  2. Parents who complete full tuition payment by September 30th will receive a 3% discount once the cheque has cleared the bank.

Note: NSF bank charges of $25.00 or more as applicable will be charged for each NSF cheque.



  1. Parents can pay 10 monthly installments by cash, but must provide the September Tuition and Bus fee in cash at the time of registration. However, parents must provide nine (9) postdated cheques to be held in trust should a monthly cash payment not be received by the provided the cheque date.
  2. Parents who complete full tuition payment in cash by September 30th will receive a 3% discount.


Parents who complete full tuition payment in cash or by cheque (once the cheque has cleared the bank) by September 30th will receive a 3% discount.