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Parent-Student Handbook

Parent – Student Handbook

Rights of Parents


As Stakeholders, parents and guardians have a right to:


  • Receive and offer information about their children’s education,
  • Be respected and recognized as a major influence in child’s development, Have their voices heard, and be able to express themselves in  a socially, acceptable manner on matters of school policy,
  • Meet with school personnel at a mutually convenient pre-arranged time, Feel welcome at school,
  • Have access to school policies and curriculum information,
  • Leave their children in a supportive school environment where consistent
  • “Codes of Behavior” are expected and enforced,
  • Be able   to   participate   in   school   programs   and   some   decision-making processes.


Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians


The school expects from the parents and guardians the following:


  • Be responsible for making sure the children are well rested before bringing them to school; young children need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night
  • Provide children with a healthy breakfast prior to sending them to school;
  • Children who eat a nutritious breakfast perform better at school.
  • Make sure that their children are brought to school on time and picked up on time,
  • Always look through their children’s bags when they come home from school each day to be informed about any assignments for the day, announcements or notes,
  • Visit  the   school   for   an   observation   or   consultation   by   booking   an appointment in advance,
  • Monitor the radio, television or web for announcements about snow days causing school closures,
  • Show support for the school by participating in school functions
  • Closely cooperate with school personnel,
  • Read and understand all the school rules and regulations, including those rules outlined in this handbook,
  • Inform the school office prior to picking up your child for early dismissals, Inform the school office whenever the family changes their addresses, email, and phone numbers, as well as when any other important information about their children change