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Our Mission, Philosophy and Beliefs

Surrey Muslim School is committed to nurturing and developing our student’s attitudes, skills, and knowledge to ensure that they are able to lead positive and satisfying lives.


Our Vision

Surrey Muslim School  will  provide  an  Islamic  foundation  for  life-long  learning  and  prepare students to become responsible Muslim citizens.


School Motto

Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge



Surrey Muslim School derive our mission and vision from the belief that future generations of young Muslims need both consciousness of their creator, Almighty Allah (God), and excellence in attitude and academics to succeed.  This is achieved by raising the standards of education by focusing on the development of Islamic manners and good moral characters amongst our students, while simultaneously raising the academic standards by exceeding BC Ministry of Education curriculum requirements.  Our school strives to develop outstanding students who will be role models for future generations by combining academic excellence with an Islamic lifestyle.



  • All students can learn and experience success
  • All students have the right to equitable access to quality education programs that meets their diverse needs
  • Students are entitled to a safe, secure and caring learning environment where each individual is respected and valued
  • Providing an Islamic education and atmosphere develops the whole person
  • Our educational system must provide our society with creative, critical thinkers, and problem solvers, who are well prepared for post-secondary studies, diverse work environments, life-long learning, and global citizenship in a complex, multicultural world
  • All students should challenge themselves to reach their highest potential
  • The success of students is the shared responsibility of students, families, school, community, and government
  • Parents should have opportunities for meaningful involvement in important decisions about their children’s education
  • Parents and the  public  should  have  access  to  timely  information  about  the performance and cost of the educational system in which they enrol their children
  • Resources and relevant decision-making should be available where education exists